Eastwood Devo La Baye 2 by 4
Eastwood Devo La Baye 2 by 4 Eastwood Devo La Baye 2 by 4 Eastwood Devo La Baye 2 by 4
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Eastwood LaBaye 2x4 DEVO Signature Model

We like to keep it weird here at Birdhouse Music. Here we have a LaBaye 2x4 DEVO signature model, manufactured by Eastwood. In 1967 LaBaye built a small batch of these, and they have become a cult classic as a result of Devo’s continued use of them. The DEVO signature 2x4 features a basswood body, bolt on maple neck, 24.75 icnh scale, and two EW Custom Hi-Output P90s, and weighs in a hair above 6lbs. Controls are located on the top of the instrument and include a 3-way pickup selector, 2 volume, 2 tone knobs. The LaBaye 2x4 also features a Bigsby B50, roller bridge, and Gotoh tuners. This one is in great condition, with some finish swirls and fingerprints, but no substantive damage whatsoever.

Tone is hot and crispy. The neck position is clear and bassy when played clean, and the bridge is bright. The P90s are a bit hollow sounding, with a touch of midrange scoop that translates really well. Pushed through distortion the 2x4 growls and sputters, and is not afraid to get down and dirty.

This guitar has quite the attitude, and offers plenty of high end tone. If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary to set yourself apart, grab this 2x4 and hammer on.