Fender Standard Stratocaster MIM with Lace Sensor Pickups
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I'll admit, when I was a teenager, I had very little interest in Strats or Lace Sensor pickups. Everything had to have humbuckers, preferably lots or them. Never mind the fact that I didn't understand that Lace Sensors were humbuckers, they were still attached to a Strat. Playing this Mexican Stratocaster fitted with Lace Sensor pickups makes me now wonder why Fender ever went away from using them to begin with. They're fat, powerful, loud and quiet(See what I did there? My first use of an oxymoron in a while!). They still retain all the Strat's bell-like charm and clarity but without any 60 cycle hum. This pickup set is very common to what was fitted to a lot of Strat's in the 80's-90's, consisting of a silver, blue and red Lace Sensor trio. The Stratocaster that they're attached to is no slouch either! This Strat was manufactured in Mexico between 2011-2012. It has a comfy, 60's style medium "C" profile neck with medium jumbo (Is that another oxymoron?) frets that show minimal wear. It's set up with medium low action and plays great. The body has a few dings, scuffs, scratches and impressions. Total weight comes in at a balanced 7 lb. 10 oz. Get your 1980's Clapton tone right here! If you don't grab this one, they'll be "No Alibis".