Wampler Ethereal
Wampler Ethereal Wampler Ethereal Wampler Ethereal Wampler Ethereal Wampler Ethereal
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A combination dual delay and reverb pedal for all of the ethereal, time-based effects you need in one compact stompbox! In a world full of gigantic do-it-all delay pedals with endless knobs and menus, Wampler manages to pack a plethora of features into a 5 knob compact stompbox! The lush, ambient tones couldn’t be easier to dial in. First, you have your standard delay pedal controls: delay (time), delay mix, and feedback. An additional tone control allows you to dial in the brightness of the repeats from dark and murky analog-style tones to crisp, pristine digital repeats. A reverb mix knob allows you to bring in the perfect amount of lush, plate-like reverb to complement your delay tones. A conveniently placed button on the side of the unit allows you to toggle trails on and off, so that the delayed signal either cuts off right as you turn off the stompbox, or to gently fade away at the end of the feedback cycle. What really makes the Wampler Ethereal stand out from other delay pedals (and even other pedals offering two delay lines) is the “delay mode” selector, which controls the second delay line in rhythmic sync with the other line. While the first delay is repeating “quarter notes,” the second can be set to also be quarter notes (essentially turning the second delay “off”), triplets, dotted eighth notes, or dotted eighth notes with oscillation. The Wampler Ethereal could easily replace two or three different pedals on your board. Dive in to ambient heaven with the Wampler Ethereal Delay/Reverb! This unit arrived unopened in the box, and was only opened to test out the unit. In like-new condition!